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  • PTN Pepi's Tire Noodle - RokkLine(2 stuks)
  • PTN Pepi's Tire Noodle - RokkLine(2 stuks)
  • PTN Pepi's Tire Noodle - RokkLine(2 stuks)

PTN Pepi's Tire Noodle - RokkLine(2 stuks)

69,00 € Normale prijs
35,00 €Verkoopprijs

PTN Pepi's Tire Noodle: The secret of the champions

Created and developed from the precise needs of World Cup racers in the different mountain bike disciplines. This system combines the main features able to improve the performance of athletes at Downhill, Enduro, Cross Country, All Mountain and even in E-Bike riding. PTN Pepi´s Tire Noodle prevents flat tires and snake bites and improves the riding performance on long Enduro descents and Down Hill tracks.

RokkLine - Light and ultra strong

The especially developed, closed cell foam material with an outer skin in an attractive lemon yellow color makes the surface of the RokkLine tire insert more resistant and durable. In comparison to the RaceLine version the energy-consuming friction between tire and Tire Noodle could be reduced. The ratio between weight and tear resistance of the RokkLine version is one of its most important features and therefore also very suitable for many bikers, including E-Bike riders who value longevity above all.

Features of Pepi's RokkLine Tire Noodle:

  • Ultra resistant.
  • Reduced rolling resistance.
  • Less tire sidewall rollover.
  • Increased riding comfort.
  • Tubeless Ready.
  • Less rim and tire damage caused by snake bites.
  • Riding with lower air pressure improves grip.
  • No changes at rim, wheel or other parts are required.
  • Suitable for all aluminum and carbon wheels if there is no manufacturer's restriction.
  • Damping system for a smooter and faster ride.
  • Run Flat function allows continuing and finishing a race in case of a flat tire.

Included in delivery: 2 tire noodles incl. 2 PTN valves (40 mm)
Weight supplement: size S)
approx. 106 gram (size M)
approx. 117 gram (size L)
(per Tire Noodle | manufacturer's specs

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